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7 Things To Do In Case Of A Car Breakdown

7 Things To Do In Case Of A Car Breakdown
Thu, 30/Jun/2022

Every day hundreds of commuters use their choice of vehicle to drive through the city or make long-distance travels. Cars make travelling safe and easy. But unpredictable car breakdowns are unfortunate and sudden incidences may make things go wrong. You have to call a Car Towing Service Coventry immediately and wait for some hours until they arrive for pick-up. Renowned car towing companies like VK Recovery provide efficient car recovery facilities to help you and your car to safety. We assist you in every possible way to tow your car to a safe destination.

Car Towing Service Coventry involves both parties, and some basic rules should be followed.

• A sign of an ‘ON TOW’ should be placed at the back of the towed automobile.

• Maintaining a distance of 4.5 meters between the towed car and the recovery van should be hooked by a rope or chain.

• A coloured flapping cloth must be tied in the middle of the distance between the two vehicles exceeding 1.5 meters so that the cloth can be visible on either side to all other commuters travelling on the road.

• The broken-down vehicle must switch on its lights when it is dark.

• Both the drivers should be qualified and should have a valid license.

You have to wait in your broken down car until the car towing service Coventry arrives. We are just a phone call away. We provide 24/7/365 days assistance anywhere in Coventry and in adjacent areas. Till the rescue comes in, there are certain measures you should keep in mind:

7 Things To Follow

1) Move your vehicle out of the way of the regular traffic. It would help if you moved off the road and never blocked it.

2) Put your hazard lights on while waiting for the recovery truck. This feature will notify other passing drivers that your car is disabled, and it will be easier for the recovery van to spot you when it is dark.

3) An emergency triangle should be put about 30 meters away from your car in the direction of the incoming traffic. These reflective triangles are shiny and easily visible to avoid accidents.

4) Step out of the vehicle and don’t stay inside the car. Watch out for your valuables. Find a safe location to wait for the towing service.

5) Don’t drain the battery of your mobile by playing games on your phone. You may need your phone to make emergency calls to inform your family and call the towing driver to clarify your pick-up location.

6) It is advisable to turn down any offer for a lift from a stranger.

7) It is important to search for the nearest towing companies. Some companies charge hefty amounts and refuse to release your vehicle unless you pay the full amount. So be careful to avail your service. Always look out for a reliable car towing service in Coventry!

For any further assistance, you can get in touch with VK Recovery!

We are a licensed 24x7 vehicle breakdown recovery service provider throughout Coventry and nearby areas.