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5 Tricks To Drive Safe In Spring

5 Tricks To Drive Safe In Spring
Wed, 27/Apr/2022

Are you aware of the meaning of the term "springtime"? Well, some of the most treacherous driving conditions are on the way. However, when it comes to the weather in the spring, you get a surprise reward. The day could begin brightly and then turn cloudy, rainy, foggy, snowy, sleety, or icy as the day progresses. This weather is undoubtedly one of the most unpredictable periods of the year.

In the upcoming article, VK Recovery Breakdown will provide our suggestions for driving in springtime weather. Being stuck on the highway in terrible weather is the very last thing anyone wants! We do provide recovery breakdown services in Coventry but still, we hope you stay safe and alert.

Check out these tips for safe driving in the springtime rain and snow.

Some of our most popular suggestions for safe driving in the warmer months ahead are the following.

1. Preparation Is Key

You don't want to be caught unprepared in the snow because it was sunny when you left your house. Being prepared for the unexpected is always a good idea. Long-distance driving necessitates the use of a supportive seat. Shoes that are easy to move around in, rather than bulky boots, are better for response times.

2. Keep An Eye On Those Puddles

While they may be fun to jump in when you're a child, puddles may cause serious harm if they mask potholes. For instance, colliding with a concealed pothole caused by a puddle may break a rim or lead you to lose control of your car. Also, you never know how deep a puddle is, so approaching it cautiously is a good idea. The recovery breakdown services in Coventry suggest staying alert to avoid any mishaps.

3. Keep The Lights Turned On

In the spring, it's a good idea to keep your car lights on during the day. Thus, if the sky darkens or the light dims, you will already be prepared. Whether it rains, snows, or sleets, keep your lights on. However, avoid using your high lights in snowy conditions.

4. Reduce Your Speed By 5mph

If you're travelling in poor weather conditions, it's prudent to reduce your pace by 5mph. This is especially critical if you are travelling in an unfamiliar location. A somewhat slower speed enables you to react swiftly in an emergency. It may mean the difference between a close call and a costly accident.

5. Service Your Car

Before the deceptive spring weather arrives, take your car in for a thorough inspection. If you're planning a lengthy trip, the last thing you want is to experience mechanical difficulties. But, on the other hand, it's good to anticipate and avoid any unanticipated malfunctions. Our recovery breakdown services in Coventry also offer fantastic car services throughout the area.

VK Recovery Breakdown Offers Recovery Breakdown Services in Coventry

There you have it! Some wonderful springtime driving suggestions. No matter how the day begins, you never truly know what the spring weather will be like. As a result, it pays to be prepared for various driving circumstances.

At VK Recovery, we're always prepared to assist you in regaining access to the road if you're involved in an automobile accident while travelling in the spring. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact our recovery breakdown services in Coventry on any day or night! We'll quickly deploy an expert operator to your area!

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