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Must-Have Essentials To Tackle Emergency Car Breakdown

 Must-Have Essentials To Tackle Emergency Car Breakdown
Thu, 01/Sep/2022

We all love our vehicles, and life on wheels is always exciting for any car lover, whether a bike or a car. Whether you use it for your daily commute to your workplace or to hang out with your friends or family, a vehicle always holds a special place in your heart. Owing a car has many advantages like you don't need to depend on public transport anymore, can use it any time and can take it anywhere even on remote locations. But besides having all these benefits owning a car has its own set of disadvantages, and one such disadvantage is a car breakdown. A car breakdown can happen anytime and anywhere without prior notice, which is considered one of the biggest nuisances.

Furthermore, things can be even worse if you are on a road trip with your family and your car suddenly stops in the middle of a highway with no nearby roadside assistance or garage. That is why it is always essential to stay alert and prepared. Of course, you can always opt for an emergency vehicle breakdown recovery service Rugby to save time and cost, but staying prepared is also intelligent.

So in this article, we will discuss the essentials of a car emergency kit that you must keep along with you to tackle any emergency.

Essential That You Must Have In Your Tool Kit

Before we start, it is advisable to go for a roadside recovery Rugby in case you are in the middle of the night or with your family but still being equipped with the necessary tools can give you some peace of mind.


It is vital in case you are stuck in the middle of a highway and will protect your car from a probable collision which is highly possible at any time. In addition, placing a reflector behind the car will alert every passerby and form a barrier around your vehicle to prevent collision with incoming traffic.


Whether travelling on a highway or on your regular way home, keeping a flashlight with you is the most brilliant move you can take to keep you and your vehicle safe. In case of a sudden breakdown in the dark, it will help you to examine your car to understand the cause of the breakdown and can also be used as a signal of emergency. Keep extra batteries in your tool kit if you run out of batteries.

Jumper Cables

A jumper cable is another essential tool in your emergency tool kit. Dead batteries are standard and can happen anytime, leaving your car stranded in the middle of the road. A jumper cable can help to start your vehicle in no time.

First Aid Kit

First Aid is essential; whether you have an unfortunate accident or not, it will help you in several ways. First, keep painkillers, bandages, antiseptic gel, and gauge Then, inc. Then, in case of any minor accident, you can use it until help arrives.

Fire Extinguisher

In case of fatal accidents or crashes, a car can often catch fire as it is driven by petrol or diesel, and both are highly combustible. Having a fire extinguisher will prevent and even escalate such issues.


Hope this article will help you prepare for any emergency, but it is essential always to contact emergency accident recovery Rugby to get quick help.

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