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Know the Different Types of Tow Trucks Available

Know the Different Types of Tow Trucks Available
Tue, 18/Oct/2022

A tow truck helps you rescue your vehicle in the event of some unwanted circumstances. The car towing service in Coventry will tell you about the different options available to tow your car! Here are 5 different types of tow trucks that you need to know about!

• Flatbed Tow Truck

A stalled vehicle is being towed by a flatbed tow truck. As a result of its operation, the flatbed tow truck is sometimes known as a "slide" or "rollback" truck. Its longest and most distinctive feature is a hydraulically inclined, long flatbed that can be lowered to the ground. After the vehicle to be towed has been driven or dragged onto the truck's bed, it will be safely fastened before the bed is raised back to its original level.

When it comes to tow trucks, the most common and versatile option is the flatbed. The towed vehicle is safe and secure on a flatbed because it is elevated above the ground. In addition, flatbed trucks include a winch that can be used to pull an immovable car up onto the bed.

• Tow Trucks with Hooks and Chains

The hook-and-chain tow truck is probably the oldest and most recognisable form of the tow truck. However, they are rarely utilized today due to the strain they exert on the trailered vehicles. To move vehicles from one location to another, a hook and chain tow truck employs the usage of a hook and chain. The hook is fastened to the bumper or axle, both of which are susceptible to wear and tear on the road. Therefore, this type of truck is rarely utilised because the chain could potentially scratch the paint job. In addition, the drivetrain in an all-wheel will be damaged if you use this truck.

• Wheel-Lift Tow Truck

A tow truck with a wheel lift brings a disabled vehicle to the garage. Tow trucks with wheel-lift mechanisms are an improvement over their predecessors, the hook-and-chain variety. Metal yokes that only make contact with the wheels are used on these trucks in place of the traditional hook and chain. The yoke is attached to the vehicle's underside in front of or behind the driving wheels. It is then hoisted into the air by a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist at that end. This truck isn't as secure as a flatbed, but it does cover the bumper and has no chains that could scratch the body.

• Boom Truck

In many cases, the most straightforward approach to recovering a vehicle is to use a boom truck, so named because of the hydraulic arm, or boom, that reaches out past the car. Heavy-duty boom trucks are essentially scaled-down versions of mobile cranes; their cracks can be set in place or pivoted around. Traditional boom trucks lifted automobiles using a hook and chain; today's more secure slings or belt lifts are standard. With the help of the winch and some strapping, the boom may be used to pull automobiles out of tight spots and bring them to a safe location. Once again, towing an all-wheel-drive vehicle with this vehicle is not recommended due to the risk of damaging the drivetrain.

• Integrated Tow Trucks

An integrated tow truck combines two separate components into a single machine; the most typical combination is a boom and a wheel lift. These are helpful for jobs that don't require a complete boom truck, and integrated trucks feature controls inside the vehicle, making it easy to pick up a car fast without getting out of the truck. Because the arms are so deeply anchored into the truck's body, these pickups may be either medium- or heavy-duty in size without sacrificing stability or power.

So, the next time you are stranded with your vehicle, you know which tow truck to choose! For more details call the best car towing service in Coventry and discuss your requirements!

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