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5 Best Two Wheeler Towing Practice That Experts Follow

5 Best Two Wheeler Towing Practice That Experts Follow
Thu, 21/Jul/2022

Towing services are very common, and we all have witnessed them daily while travelling from one place to another. Often we have seen small or large vehicles towing at the side of the highway due to some emergency breakdown, but in some cases, special towing types of equipment are more necessary than the regular one. Apart from four-wheelers and large vehicle towing, sometimes we have witnessed 2Wheeler Recovery Service Coventry which is not at all frequent but rare.

A two-wheeler like a bike or a scooter has been widely used due to its flexibility and for delivery of lighter goods etc. But due to engine breakdown, mechanical issues, or overuse, a bike can face several problems that might need immediate attention. If it occurs in the middle of the road, 2Wheeler Recovery Service Coventry is the only option to take it to the nearby garage.

A professional towing needs to be fully prepared most of the time as it is considered an emergency service. Besides, emergency towing is required in the below-mentioned cases.

Damage Recovery: A damaged engine or any damaged parts of a two-wheeler that causes it to stop in the middle of the road requires immediate attention. In such cases, 2Wheeler Recovery Service Coventry is the only option to take it to the nearest service centre.

Accidental Towing: Sometimes, due to accidents on the high road, a vehicle, whether it is a two or four-wheeler, gets badly damaged and needs immediate attention. Recovery towing professionals should be contacted to lift the damaged vehicles and to clear the road for traffic.

Flat Tyre Towing: Flat tyre is a common phenomenon but can be equally deadly in the middle of a deserted road with no garage or service station nearby. In such a situation, 2Wheeler Recovery Service Coventry can act as a boon.

So now that you know the reasons behind towing recovery services, let’s have a look at some of the best towing practices followed by experts in the case of two-wheelers

Testing the Strength of the Strap

This is the first thing that needs immediate attention. The straps, hook, chains, and other particles are thoroughly examined, and the strength is checked before emergency recovery.

Get the Details of the Vehicle

The first step is to get detailed information about the vehicle to be towed. Information like bike model number and design. It will help the professional to understand the weight and to calculate the weight ratio for 2Wheeler Recovery Service Coventry.

The Planning

Once the team reaches the location, they will immediately develop a plan by examining small details, which will help to do the job as fast as possible.

Putting the Recovery Sign

Next, they will put the warning signs on the place where the two-wheelers would be recovered and towed with the truck. The warning signs are provided to smooth the process and keep the traffic away.

The Final Step

Once the recovery truck is positioned, the professionals carefully examine the recovery points, which are hooked, towed to, and carried to the service station.


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